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Research support

Facilitating research projects by automating labor intensive tasks.


Projects for small to large companies or organizations.


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What you are possibly looking for.

Adding Artificial Intelligence features to your products

You are at the right place. We can add AI to automate your products efficiently! Please contact us for more information.

Are you looking to gain more insight into what Artificial Intelligence is? Please take a look at our example projects directly below.

Data scientists

A data scientist is a person with an university degree in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science with a strong background in machine learning.

However, not all study programs and specializations offer courses in machine learning for which reason it is very important to be careful when selecting qualified data scientists. To this end, Cognata offers well designed selection procedures.

Artificial Intelligence specialists

An Artificial Intelligence specialist holds an university degree education in Artificial Intelligence and is well educated on the latest machine learning algorithms. Paired with a good understanding of how the human mind works, AI specialists often prove to be indispensable assets to a wide range of research and development projects.

About Cognata

Cognata offers consultancy services and takes on projects related to Artificial Intelligence as well as scalable solutions for storage and computing power.

We recognize the need for comprehensible, fast and efficient solutions. Related services and projects could be, but are not limited to: big data, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision etc.

Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art algorithms with the ease of connecting through an API.

Example projects that we have previously worked on can be found by click the "Portfolio" tab.


To provide insight into what Cognata can do for you, we have listed some examples of past projects below.


Social media, topic detection and data annotation.

For several companies (e.g.: OpenIndex and Crowdynews), Twitter/internet data was collected and categorized in a non-labor intensive manner.


Drone and computer vision

Images taken from a drone were put together to form a panoramic image and height was extracted using intelligent algorithms. A hardware implementation was added later on to estimate height using ultrasonic sensors.


Distributed logic

A four-way handshake protocol was implemented to establish reliable data transfer.


Distributed computing

Hadoop distributed computing in combination with the Spark machine learning library was used in several projects. The Google cloud platform was used as well to scale dynamically.

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Coming soon!


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